Saturday, October 30, 2010

New to you content!

Have you ever met my good friend Seyrr?

Now you pretty much have.

Fiddly bits are the hardest part of making things.

So, I can't quite figure it out... They're both basically me, and maybe its the heavier use of dialogue this time, but while Seyonne was mostly quietly earnest, mithra-Shade seems to be getting all of the lippy retardedness.

It's the perfect plan.

I figured Botany would be a good way to suplement Carpentry. However I found that I could not maintain the required focus.

I spilled water on this book yesterday, and was sad. Luckily only the inner cover was really affected. All of the regular pages are pretty much fine.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Fucking Design Advice

Okay this is apparantly old news, because I found it through an old entry of Mandy's, but I am in love.

Good Fucking Design Advice (it's dot com!)

Picture unrelated.

El Forto Adventures - FFXIV

The little sketchbook is perhaps the most fun thing about the game right now.

My brother is playing! Or he did!

For like a day.

Harder than it looks....

Double plus HQ.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I started playing FFXIV in September.

The collector's edition came with a little leatherbound notebook. But imagine my surprise, the pages are not lined. It is a SKETCHBOOK. Glorious.

After long long hours of remaking characters and staring at the screen in beta, I had finally decided to be a catgirl, and not an elfboy, in official release. Enter Shade Salahar, newbie adventurer supreme. She kills lots of marmots.

I really like the LS crests. I wish you could see peoples' LS names when you check them though. Maybe it'll be in the miracle patch.

I got a free hat with CE too! ... and immediately, desperately began the search for a different one.

Lightning reflexes too, I'm sure.

So, the game still needs a ton of work. But I am having fun filling up this little book. I've done a bunch of pages already, I will post more later.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beaches and Ruins


Delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

You would think that I haven't been drawing much, but in fact that is the opposite of true. Instead of trying to post everything though, here are a few highlights.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fish Post

About two months ago:

A few weeks ago:
My plant order finally came in! And boy did it. I definitely got extra plants. Many extra plants.... It is still a work in progress. Suddenly I have a jungle to deal with.

This is Oroboros (Oro) an orange/black copper betta plakat. Plakats have shorter fins and are hardier than their longer finned cousins. He is pretty when the light hits him, because he is kind of metallic, but he photographs badly.

Next time I promise arts.