Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I started playing FFXIV in September.

The collector's edition came with a little leatherbound notebook. But imagine my surprise, the pages are not lined. It is a SKETCHBOOK. Glorious.

After long long hours of remaking characters and staring at the screen in beta, I had finally decided to be a catgirl, and not an elfboy, in official release. Enter Shade Salahar, newbie adventurer supreme. She kills lots of marmots.

I really like the LS crests. I wish you could see peoples' LS names when you check them though. Maybe it'll be in the miracle patch.

I got a free hat with CE too! ... and immediately, desperately began the search for a different one.

Lightning reflexes too, I'm sure.

So, the game still needs a ton of work. But I am having fun filling up this little book. I've done a bunch of pages already, I will post more later.

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