Thursday, November 11, 2010

I confess.

I have been playing Minecraft.

It is pretty fun. And by pretty fun I mean "oh hello 2am, when did you happen?"

I made some character skins today. Possibly this is WORSE in terms of fiddly "just let me get THIS right and then I'll stop..." than regular minecraft.

I had been feeling intimidated about making my own skin, because the file they give you to work with looks like this:

But eventually I got tired of being Vincent Valentine, and they didn't have skins of any of the female FF characters I really liked (no Celes?). So I gathered my courage, and took someone's Terra skin and colored at it until it looked more like Shade and less like Terra.

Then Jay wanted a skin so I made one of Ammon~

He has a pretty bow.

But now my Shadey skin looks crappy compared to this one, so I went back and fiddled with it for hours to make it better. I even eventually sort of figured out how the second head layer works.

Anyway, just to confirm, in case you needed my own judgement on it, Minecraft is indeed awesome. However, I recommend you do not purchase it, even though it is an incredibly affordable $15, because you like having free time, don't you?

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