Sunday, January 30, 2011

Global Game Jam 2011

Game Jam : Make a game in 48 hrs.

Here is the timeline of my experience as the team artist.

Friday: Join a team, concept a game. Draw sketches. Spend 3 hours trying to get the test critter animation to wiggle properly. No, I will not go to sleep until it is working right. Go to "bed" (floor) at 1:30am, don't actually sleep until 4am. Wake up constantly. Quietly panic that game will never be finished.
Saturday morning: Omg I look dead. And why doesn't the Tim Hortons have bagels. Oh hello delicious coffee. Then this youtube video.
Saturday morning onwards (time to get back to work): Paint the critter animation frames roughly. Paint it better. Paint repeatable background tiles ALL DAY.
Saturday night: Wait our game actually works? Amazing. Discover new types of tiles that I have to make. Make new tiles. Repeat. Paint ending screens. Sleep a little.
Sunday morning: Touch ups. Make instruction screen. Paint a few more tiles.
Sunday afternoon: We get sound! Game is working. Lack of sleep sets in. OUR GAME IS AWESOME AND I LOVE EVERYONE.
Sunday early evening: Present games. Everyone made awesome things. It's so fun to see what people come up with, probably the one thing I miss the most about school.

It was a blast, and I think our game turned out pretty great. Thanks / props to Scott, Ian, Ryan, and Jeff. It was fun working with you all, and everybody did awesome work.

People reading this: You should check it out!

Download / play game:
Youtube demo video:

I think I need to sleep now.

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  1. That was really addicting XD I think I played it for a good 20 mins. Was so simple yet so fun.