Monday, April 4, 2011

Leaning tower of sketches

Was visiting Jay in Georgia for two weeks in March, and, despite not drawing on any of the incredibly long plane rides, was surprisingly productive. I'm starting to get better at plane rides, though... I spend less time staring at the wing and resolutely telling the plane what a glorious piece of aerial technomancy it is than I used to.

Some of these next ones are drawn with my right hand. Can you guess which!

The second set of pages was done as a combination of both, which turned out kind of interesting in terms of line quality... I used my good hand for the details and bits that had to be curvy, but I used my right hand to just kind of make everything else jaggy and random.

Me and Jay kind of think Space Wolf should be a flash game about spinning backwards through space while you breathe fire. I'd play it. For a little while.

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