Thursday, March 12, 2009


I keep meaning to post my VFS films to the blog, but I never remember when I'm actually at the computer. Well, except for today. So here they are! Some of you have seen these already, but I figured it would be good to have them here as well as linked through my webpage.

The Bear King - Classical Film

This was my main student film. I spent about four months working on it, start to finish. It was hand drawn in pencil and then inked with pen & ink, and colored on the computer with Toonboom Harmony. The backgrounds were all done in Photoshop. The story is something I've been working with on and off for a few years now, did a few projects with it at ACAD. I really wanted to use it for my film, even though its such a large story... there wasn't really just one bit of it I could pick and make into a 1 minute film. So I picked... a bunch of things, and just tried to get across the mood and the feeling of the whole story.

Sparks - Flash Film

This was my flash film. We had... about four weeks (!) to learn Flash and make a short film. It was very frustrating at first... but by the end, I was feeling pretty happy with it. I did the sound for this one myself, which was also interesting and actually pretty fun.

VFS was a good school, and I learned a lot from being there. Both from the people around me, and the curriculum itself. Making a film is very time consuming and challenging, but I learned so much from the process, that it was worth every second.

To end with, here are some felines in footware.

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  1. I cant say enough how i thought your bear king film was amazing! Especially loved your pencil tests.

    Great Cats too!