Monday, March 2, 2009

The Most Fantastic Team in the Universe

The unicorn is really a being of pure light. By which I mean, its horn is a LASER and it can tread the space between galaxies with a single instantaneous step. Only the most rugged intergalactic soldiers can handle their levels of pure awesome.

This is Pancake. He goes on adventures.

So I've been trying to remember to leave my cellphone on. My default is that I turn it off unless I need to call somebody. But maybe people want to call -me-! So far it's mostly been computerized voices telling me I may or may not have one a trip to Mexico, or people looking for someone else who probably had my number before me. The other day:

Me: Hello?
Lady: Yes, is Kris there.
Me: Speaking! :)
Lady: No, I'm looking for Kris.
Me: Yes, that's me.
Lady: ...Christopher ____?
Me: Oh. No, this is Kristin Rakochy. I'm not sure who you're looking for, but this is my number. Sorry!

Yay cellphones.

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  1. Cute! what a great unicorn and I love the girl on the bottom left, she has a very sweet design.