Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sigdis Wolfbiter

Sigdis is the best-loved child of a middle-rank Thegn, surely destined for honor and riches. When she came of age, she immediately set out with a raiding party, eager to earn the glory she had always known were her due.

Unfortunately, destiny has other plans, and her very first foray outside of her homeland ends in disaster. Due to some critical failure or betrayal, the raiders are expected, ambushed, and slaughtered by their intended victims. Few survive. Sigdis is captured by the enemy, clapped in irons, and marked as a slave. Having failed to die gloriously in battle, she is honor-bound to accept whatever terms her enemies set, so she takes this as both necessary and fair. She has brought dishonor to her family, and the lost lives of the rest of the raiding party are on her head.

She intends to serve her sentence until she finds death in a worthwhile battle, or manages to gather enough treasure/esteem to rebuild her family's honor and repay the wergild of the raiding party.

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